All spirits, liqueurs and ready-to-drink cocktails are made in Montreal’s Rosemont neighbourhood and are as warm, gourmet and festive as their city.


40% ALC. VOL.

Our Rosemont Pineapple Rum is a gourmet rum that stands out with its exotic flavours and delicate sweetness. Meticulously selected, the pineapple reaches its full maturity before being peeled and cut. The flesh and skin are then left for maceration in aged rum from new French oak barrels. The skin infusion is then distilled in a basket on a Charentais pot still. While the flesh is pressed to give all the necessary juicy flavors and sweetness. The blend with a molasses rum aged in new barrels, a hint of  homemade caramel and a touch of pineapple weed distillate completes the elaboration.

NoseBalanced and sweet. On the nose we are seduced by the exotic flavors of fruit and the perfect marriage with the caramelized notes typical of rum. 

Palate: On the palate, the pineapple brings great complexity with notes of tarte tatin and pineapple spilled.

Color: Amber


Special selection for remarkable taste.