Over the last century, five generations of bold and passionate entrepreneurs have crafted spirits in the ancient family distillery, founded by Emile Perrier the famous fruit-liquor maker. The last ones in line are even somewhat rebellious. In the nineteen eighties Jean-Michel Naud, a trained oenologist and passionate explorer of wines and spirits, the son-in-law of Robert Perrier, rediscovered the distillery. Today, with his son, Pierre, they have decided to reignite the flames under the copper pot stills to create distinguished Cognacs, which can be proud of their origins. They are also offering a range of unconventional spirits for the region, aimed at connoisseurs.

The Naud Family invites you to share their passion for the Art of Distillation by revealing these treasures which have been kept secret so long…

NAUD venezuela 12 Year Old

41% Alc./Vol.

The Naud Family’s rum journey continues in Venezuela. Here, they have joined forces with Destilería Sofa, an authentic Hacienda which shares their passion for the Art of Distillation and Ageing.
The sugar cane is cultivated on some of the most fertile lands in Venezuela, not far from Caracas and harvested from November to February. After fermentation, the sugar cane molasses, nick-named “Black Gold”, is distilled on columns. The hot and humid daytimes and the cool and dry nights provide an ideal climate for ageing rum in ex-Bourbon casks.
To perfect its aromatic pallet, NAUD RON VENEZULA 12 Y.O. matures for around 6 months in French oak casks in the humid Naud Family cellars.

Age: 12 years

Size: 700ml

Origin: France


Colour: Amber

Nose: Brown sugar, coconut, wood.

Palate: Ilky and structured, evolves onto patisserie notes, roasted coffee beans and fig jam. The finish is persistent, boasting soft spice (cinnamon, nutmeg) and vanilla conveyed by the extra ageing in French oak.


41% ALC. VOL.

Hidden Loot Dark Reserve is a premium spiced rum. The Naud Family, who have been Master Distillers for generations, have put their passion and knowledge into action to craft a noble spiced rum: following a long reflexion and many trials, 10 fruits and spices recalling Panama have been selected and blended with the 2 year-old rum which was column distilled from mo- lasses, in the Arco Seco region of Panama.

Both sweet and bitter orange, coconut, vanilla, nutmeg, cinna- mon and bird chili pepper are some of the carefully selected ingredients for this new recipe.


Colour: Amber with hints of gold.

Nose: Subtle and well-balanced with notes of bitter orange, vanilla and toasted oak, underlined by Tonka bean.

Palate: Generous and complex, with aromas of candied orange zest, nutmeg and sweet French patisserie. The finish is smooth and delicately lifted by bird chili pepper.


45,50% ALC. VOL.

Rebel at heart and boasting somewhat of a character, Hidden Loot transports us into an explosive atmosphere, recalling the most famous filibusters, to discover this mutinous and gourmet spiced rum which exhales enchanting tropical savors. It is in Panamá, where the jungle conceals a history of gold and plun- der which dates back to the 17th century, that the best sugar- cane has been picked to be distilled into a great rum. 
Following a long ageing in Bourbon casks, it has travelled from the Caribbean to our Atlantic coast, where it has absorbed spicy notes and natural aromas under the influence of Emile Perrier, whose spirit still lingers in our Distillery on the banks of the Seugne. 


Colour: Amber gold.

Nose: Bursting with vanilla, banana and coconut. Notes of aged rum and wood.

Palate: Soft, sweet and fruity (orange, vanilla, cocoa bean). An invitation to a sweet tropical daydream.


41,3 % ALC. VOL.

This extra old rum was born after the encounter of the Naud family and the owners of a sugar cane hacienda, in the Herrera region, in Panama. 
Grown on the Peninsula de Azuero (Arco Seco), the sugarcane matures in ideal tropical climatic conditions. Historically culti- vated for the sugar industry, they also produce the syrup and cane juice (guarapo) which boasts perfect organoleptic cha- racteristics for the elaboration of a ron of Great Origin. 
After a long aging in American oak casks in its homeland, this RON PANAMÁ travels across the Atlantic to come and per- fect its finesse in the Charente region, inside our cool Cognac cellars. 


Colour : Deep mahogany.

Nose : A bunch of aromas characterized by notes of coconut, Tonka bean and vanilla sugar. The aromatic strength recalls the typicality of the sugarcane.

Palate : Generous and boasting sweet patisserie notes, li- corice and cinnamon mixed with hints of wood and smoke provided by the Bourbon cask aging. A Ron which will be re- cognized by connoisseurs for its rare elegance and persistent finish. 


Special selection for remarkable taste.