40% ALC. VOL.

This Very Superior Old Pale cognac is an harmonious blend of eaux-de-vie from our best cognac vintages. It ages for a minimum of four years in our cellars to reach optimum maturity.


Nose : Clear. Scents of new wood. Floral with white rose, honeysuckle and iris.

Palate : Fresh and intense oral notes give it liveliness. Then a persistence of woody aromas brings a clean and elegant nish.

Color : Lovely orange color.

Deau VS

45,50% ALC. VOL.

Our Very Special cognac is made from expertly distilled eaux-de-vie using the traditional Charentais still method. Slowly aged in new, French-made barrels.


Nose: Fresh, intense, and aromatic with notes of birch, grape blossom, peach, and citrus.

Palate: Soft and fresh attack, with an elegant oaky avor develop- ping to a touch of orange zest. The supple nish is fresh and intense. Perfectly enjoyed in a long drink.

Color: Pale gold.


40% ALC. VOL.

This Very Superior Old Pale cognac is a harmonious blend of eaux-de-vie from our best cognac vintages. It ages for several long years in our cellars to reach optimum maturity.


Nose : Gourmet aromas of red berries and apricot.

Palate : Rich and oily with sweet and fruity notes evolving towards oaky and spicy, drawing on walnut and nutmeg. The attering aromas of the nish expresslingering notes of dried fruit and bitter almond.

Color : Lovely orange-amber color.

Deau Napoléon – Cigar Blend

40% ALC. VOL.

This Cigar Blend is a reection of the talent and expertise of our cellar masters, both in the selection of mature eaux-de-vie and in their blending. A long aging process is required to make this Napoléon, specially created for acionados of spirits and cigars.

Tasting notes:

Nose : Rich aromas of vanilla, roasted coee, and a subtle scent of leather.

Palate : Lovely taste fullling all expectations, with a remarkable balance between notes of rancio, candied fruit, and dark tobacco on the nish. Pairs perfectly with a Cuban.

Color : Gold with hints of mahogany.

Deau XO

40% ALC. VOL.

DEAU XO is our company’s agship product. The success of this XO lies in its blend of very old eaux-de-vie, mostly from the Petite Champagne and Fins Bois sub-regions, carefully aged for at least 10 years in Limousin oak barrels.


Nose : Floral and fruity universe with jasmine, violet, litchi, and prune.

Palate : Richly aromatic with seductive and delicate notes of walnut, cocoa and coee beans coupled with a nish combining leather, cigar box and musk, making for a rare and perfectly mastered blend.

Color : Lovely golden color with glints of copper.

Deau Black

40% ALC. VOL.

Its name, Black, is a reference to the color of the blind tasting glasses used by cellar masters during the eau-de-vie selection process. DEAU Black is a blend that brings together XO eaux-de-vie from the two most prestigious Cognac sub-regions: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. A long aging process is required to create this magnicent, one-of-a-kind product.


Nose : Ethereal and taut sensory prole. Prominent oral bouquet of violet, iris, pink lilac, and orange blossom.

Palate : The texture is smooth, rich, and powerful. Buttery notes and aromas of dried apricots paired with a touch of ginger and a subtle, oaky nish. A sensory experience for this modern cognac with a modern design.

Color : Black decanter hiding a glittering light gold color.

Deau Louis Memory

40% ALC. VOL.

Louis Memory is our crown jewel, a blend of long-aged, rare eaux-de-vie exclusively from the prestigious vintages of the Grande Champagne region.

This cognac matures for many long years in an atmosphere with ideal humidity. It slowly ages, gaining sophistication to become the masterpiece of our family blends.


Nose : A typical example of the rich aromas of superior long-aged cognacs. A brilliant combination of violet, citrus, cloves, and quince jelly.

Palate : Pleasantly silky, with sensations evolving to notes of moss, cinnamon, and dried fruits. The rich and generous nish has surprising hints of vanilla. Cedar sap and tobacco leaves coat the ensemble. This cognac has rare intensity and a long nish.

Color : Deep amber.

Special selection for remarkable taste.