Canoubier is made with a selection of the best sugarcane and created with care using the purest traditional methods.


40% ALC. VOL.

Our CANOUBIER RUM FROM THE CARIBBEAN is made with a selection of the best sugarcane and created with care using the purest traditional methods. The rum finishes aging in our old cognac barrels. Our Cellar Master’s experience in the aging process makes for an aromatic, quality rum ideal for creating and enjoying both tall and short cocktails.

Nose: Sweet first scents of vanilla and coconut cake, ending on spiced notes of cinnamon.

Palate: A gourmet and smooth opening with flavors of gingerbread. Beautifully long and full-bodied.

Finish: A voluptuous rum, playfully sweet with pleasantly spiced notes.

Color: Light amber.


45,50% ALC. VOL.

Our CANOUBIER RUM FROM THE CARIBBEAN XO is made with a selection of high-quality, traditionally grown sugar cane. After distillation and blending, the rum is slowly aged in oak casks for at least six years, before finishing the aging process in our cellars in old cognac barrels.

Nose: Pure, sincere, and complex, with a wave of different aromas: a floral bouquet and intense dark chocolate, enhanced with notes of cigar and oaky aromas of licorice.

Palate: The balanced attack gives way to an elegant middle, followed by a long and rich finish.

Finish: The rum completes the aging process in cognac barrels in our cellars, giving it a long, rich, and voluptuous finish.

Color: Amber with hints of mahogany.


40% ALC. VOL.

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO with its British origins, is known for its great expertise in rum. CANOUBIER RUM FROM TRINIDAD is created using traditional methods. The aging process during 3 years, then finished in old cognac barrels in our cellars, gives the rum an array of aromas worthy of a great cognac.

Nose: Balanced aromas of honey and orange blossom, as cool as rum raisin ice cream.

Palate: Slightly spiced, subtle, and fine. Ample in the mouth to prolong the sweet sensation.

Finish: Ample and resolutely gourmet.

Color: Golden with copper highlights.


40% ALC. VOL.

Rum is one of GUADELOUPE‘s best products. An island treasure, rhum agricole has become a symbol of Guadeloupean expertise: a quality rum that is greatly appreciated by connoisseurs. Our CANOUBIER DARK RUM FROM GUADELOUPE is created using the purest traditional methods. It finished its process in old cognac barrels, giving the rum unique aromas.

Nose: Fragrance characterized by aromas of redcurrant and clementine, with a touch of pomegranate.

Palate: Subtly spiced and long, extending the sweet almond sensation.

Finish: Enchanting, long, and aromatic with notes of sunny citrus.

Color: Deep orange gold.


40% ALC. VOL.

GUADELOUPEAN white rum is the product of decades of experience and passion, a

spirit known around the world. The island’s climate lends itself to sugar cane cultivation, with both abundant sunshine and plenty of rain.

Our CANOUBIER WHITE RUM FROM GUADELOUPE is made with sugar cane sourced from carefully selected local plantations. After distillation, the rum is slowly diluted with pure water until reaching the perfect balance to reduce the aggressiveness of the

Nose: Intense aromas of lime and bergamot orange enhanced by notes of ginger.

Palate: Slightly tart and intensely fresh, opening onto spiced notes.

Finish: A rum that calls for fresh mint, perfect for mojitos!

Color: White


40% ALC. VOL.

Rum from Southern Africa is gaining in worldwide recognition. White rums from Zulu countries are considered some of the best in the world. Swaziland, a small landlocked country in Southern Africa, benefits from this recognition. Our CANOUBIER RUM FROM SWAZILAND is made with the best sugar cane.

Nose: Elegant, harmonious, and balanced rum, with aromas of white pepper.

Palate: This rum is discreetly floral and supple.

Finish: An original and balanced character reflecting SWAZILAND, specially designed for making cocktails.

Color: White


40% ALC. VOL.

MAURITIAN RUM has become a strong economic sector of the ISLAND for ten years. It is a strong and quality emblem on the territory as well as internationally. We are talking about aromatic rums that are often traditional or agricultural.

Our CANOUBIER FROM MAURITIUS has retained the freshness of sugar cane after ageing. It has gained in suppleness, complexity and aromas thanks to the finish in red cognac barrels.

Nose: The very first aroma is banana. Its sweetness is brought by notes of English candy and vanilla.

Palate: It confirms once again the first nose with the omnipresence of the banana. Warm pastry aromas follow. This rum offers a lot of sweetness and comfort.

Finish: The length is always on the ripe banana, and on the vanilla pods. The wood brings complexity on the finish and a slightly drier side.

Color: Golden


40% ALC. VOL.

This unique SPICED SPIRIT elaborated with care by our Cellar Master has captured all the essence of a rich and balanced spiced rum. Its flavors are both characteristic and contemporary. It stands out as a premium spirit drink. Only 35% of alcohol, it can preferably be tasted pure chilled.

Nose: Its aromas are very varied: from gingerbread to bitter orange peel, including nutmeg and cinnamon.

Palate: It is rich in flavor with caramelized notes, molasses and roasted nuts.

Finish: The finish is generous with lots of classic vanilla and spice.

Color: Dark amber.


Special selection for remarkable taste.